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London Sash Windows are a family run business with over ten years experience in sash window repairs. London has many beautiful properties with lovely, ornate sash windows, and we highly recommend you don’t replace them with UPVC if at all possible, there are extensive sash window refurbishment options available to you that are very affordable, and considerably cheaper than replacing in Plastic.

Our key services include sash window draught proofing and double glazing existing sash windows. Our core service area is South London. Sash window repairs are an extremely important part of home maintenance and we try to make the process as straight forward, and easy to understand as possible. 

South London Refurbishment Sash Windows

London Sash Windows Survey Process

When you call us, or email, we will arrange a date for survey. Typically a home in need of sash window repair takes about twenty or thirty minutes to go through. This is ample time to weigh up the best and most economical route to restoring your sash windows. This survey is free of charge and no obligation. On completion of survey we will normally give an indication of expected costs. There’s no big sell, our prices are fixed for specific services and in all likelihood the man you get on the survey, will be the man that carries out the work on your property.

Sash Windows London Repair Service

We offer a comprehensive and economical sash window repairs. London has many sash window companies offering a wide range of high quality products services. With that said, confidently London Sash Windows are proud to state  “Pound for pound, on work completed in your property we will not be beaten”. This is our promise to you. Because we do not have offices, just a secretary and a workshop, we can cut out a great deal of the needless costs associated with sash windows. By cutting out the middle man so to speak, you can engage directly with professional sash window restorers. This works well because as a result of the popularity of our service, economies of scale make our sash window service cheaper still. Sash window repair is not all that complicated, and therefore, we really shouldn’t make the process expensive or add needless costs. If by some random chance you receive a better quote than ours. Please feel free to forward to us and we will verify it’s genuinely offering the same service and there are no shortcuts. If we find that we have overpriced, we will match their quote like for like. To date I do not believe this situation has occurred however.

London Sash Windows

About our Sash Windows London – Sash Window Repair Services

We offer a full range of sash windows services. Before replacing your windows entirely there’s a great deal of work we can do to fully refurbish sash windows. London is fortunately teeming with high quality builders and joiner shops. Access to high quality sill sections and rails has never been so handy. Normally we can carry out emergency repairs same day, and scheduled sash window repairs will normally have a three to four week waiting time only. Below is a list of our key sash window services.

Sash Window Sill Repair

We can replace or splice original sash window sills. This normally costs in the region of £140 – £180 per window. We can use softwood Pine or hardwood called Sapele. Both options last well with Sapele being that little bit better. That said, if you decorate your sash windows nicely then there is no reason why they won’t last.

Sash Window Sill Replacements London

Sash Windows London – Overhaul Special

We will replace all sash cords, parting bead, and staff bead. Normally when we are overhauling, we will install a draught proofing system. Surprisingly, some clients like ventilation from their sash windows, and this is exactly the service for them.

Sash Window Repair London Before & After

London Sash Windows Draught Proofing System and Prices

We offer cost effective solutions to all sash window problems. Our draught proofing systems start as little as £200 per window and this includes new furniture and an overhaul. Our sash window draught proofing system is guaranteed for five years and in almost all cases will last twice that. Longer if you frequently clean up your brush piles after we are gone. Since the brush pile is made of nylon. 

There’s no limit to how long the sash window draught proofing system will last really. It’ll boil down to how caked up they are with dirt and debris as to their effectiveness. The sash cords we use are British made and designed to last in excess of twenty years. The cords have a high strength nylon core, with natural material covering to look authentic, but offer incredible strength compared with more original ‘ropes’.

Double Glazing Original Sash Windows London

Sash Windows London Double Glazing Options and Costs

If sash window draught proofing isn’t effective enough for sound proofing, we offer high quality sash window double glazing to original sashes. If your sash windows are structurally good, we can install double glazed units into the original sashes. It’s important to understand that this service is not appropriate for all sashes windows. The minimum thickness that can take a standard double glazed unit is 37mm. In some cases, or listed building situations, we can install into sashes with less depth, however the time taken increases and the process is no longer a high quality budget service.

If the original sash windows cannot be worked with, the next step up is to manufacture and install new sashes into the original frame. This service normally costs from £750 per window and  represents excellent value for money when compared to entire sash window replacement. We will install high quality Pilkington Low-E units with a known lifespan of at least fifteen years. The units are so well made, and so technologically advanced that they have completely changed the way in which we can instal double glazing to sash windows.

London Sash Windows offer high quality sash window services and we welcome your call, so please contact us for a free no obligation sash window service.

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