Handcrafted Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows

Why sash windows?

As a quick overview, we’ll first list the benefits of installing sash windows in your home and why it’s a significant benefit. We’ll explore the ins and outs of bespoke sash wooden windows right after that.

1. sash windows are relatively low maintenance if done right.

If you choose to go for wooden sash windows for your home, all you have to do to maintain them is the occasional wipe down and paint job every 5-7 years. New windows come with a factory spray finish that is guaranteed for ten years so the first time install can be left alone for a decade!

It’s not hard to keep them looking clean and new for even up to a hundred years. If you’ve walked through a quaint old town in the countryside, you’ll notice that a lot of the houses have sash windows and they barely look run down at all.

Wooden sash window frames, in particular, will last you a lot longer than PVC frames. This is because high quality hardwood is treated and conditioned when they are manufactured.

This keeps the wood from rotting and distorting.

2. They’re safer.

To be on the safe side, it would be smart to choose sash windows for your home. Why? You can have your bespoke wooden windows made with a number of safety features.

If you choose double glazed panes for your sash windows (which we’ll get to below), they’re thicker and a lot harder to break.
This will prevent any potential burglaries or any mishaps involving glass from occurring.

You can also have them made with special locking systems or maybe even Georgian bars as an extra safety precaution.
If you have little kids, you could install window restrictors to go along with your sash windows to keep them from being opened all the way.

All in all, it’s a safe bet for childproofing your home and maybe even thwarting potential theft.

3. They’re very versatile.

Sash windows will go with a period house or a stylish new flat. It has been around for hundreds of years for a good reason.
You don’t have to worry about your windows (which is a pretty permanent fixture) ever going out of style or clashing with your existing one.

You can preserve a Georgian or Victorian look by refurbishing the old wooden frames or have them completely restyled for a more modern look.

Either way, we don’t see sash windows losing their charm any time soon. They look classic. Period.

4. They’re energy efficient.

This is another thing that we’ll delve deeper into below. Choosing sash windows for your home (particularly, double glazed ones) will make sure your house won’t have any draughts or chilly spots.

In the winter, you can save a lot more money because sash windows keep the heat in. During the summer, you can open sash windows very widely to let fresh, cool air in.

4. They’re more functional.

For a starter home, it’s not strange to find just the standard casement windows. You’ll find that these don’t really operate very smoothly and you’ll have to do a lot more to maintain them like oiling hinges and having the locks replaced quite often.

Having high quality bespoke sash windows installed in your home will eliminate that problem. If constructed well, they’ll be sturdy, reliable, and won’t require a lot of maintenance.

A brief history of sash windows

Georgina and Victorian type houses are all over the UK and most of them have the unique feature that is sash windows.

They’ve been around for as long as 350 years. Even today, the oldest sash windows from the 1670s have been preserved and can still be seen.

No one is really sure where the mechanism from sash windows came from. Some say it’s a Dutch invention, some say it’s Scottish.

There really is no one look to them. They could come in different panel numbers and arrangements as long as one of the panels have to be lifted to be opened.

Overall, I think we can all agree that it’s just a classic design and there’s a reason why homeowners want to preserve them.

What is known is that the sash window was very much further developed right here in England, which makes sense because we seem to be the ones who get the most use out of them.

Over the years, home construction technology has become more and sophisticated. Naturally, that means we’re now able to apply all sorts of techniques and treatments to sash windows, making them more efficient and long lasting than ever.

Nowadays, you could have sash windows installed for not very much money, made from very cheap materials like PVC.

But what we’ve observed over the years that we’ve been in business is that homeowners choose to preserve and restore their existing sash windows, which are typically made of hardwood.

There are some areas in London where it’s not allowed to alter the façade of your home, especially if it’s a period dwelling.
But of course, to keep up with the times, we have to improve the functionality of old wooden sash windows. We do this without disturbing its original aesthetic and replacing only the parts that need to be replaced – like worn sash cords and broken latches.
We replace them with better materials like chrome or brass, ready to withstand the next century or so.

If you’re looking to have your sash windows restored or to have new sash windows installed into your home, it’s a really good idea to go the classic route.

This timeless design is not only practical, but it’s also very stylish. You can’t really go wrong with wooden sash windows.
What type of wood is best for bespoke hardwood sash windows?

Sash windows have been a staple in western architecture (very, very English) for the longest time. So we understand why so many people would want to choose this style of windows for their homes.

You’ve probably chosen sash types windows because of their aesthetic. It goes well with country cottages and modern flats alike.
It’s a classic design and you can have it made as simply or as elaborately as you want. But what classifies as a sash window?

That would be a window that has one or more moveable panels. These are called “sashes” and they’re separated to be opened – a pretty simple concept.

They let a lot of air and light in, perfect for any home or establishment. They’re also pretty easy to maintain because you can clean all the glass from the inside.

All you have to do is slide the two panes in different positions and you can wipe away.

But you’ve probably already chosen sash windows to go with whatever you’re building and that’s why you’re reading this. You’re also probably trying to figure out the best type of material for sash windows.

This is a very important decision because all kinds of materials address different needs. Now, it’s just a matter of choosing that right one that will suit yours.

This is really not as overwhelming as it seems. Here, we’ve written up a quick guide to so you’ll learn the basics and you’ll know what hardwood to choose when having your sash windows made.

Here we go.

Right off the bat, we recommend oak because of its durability. If you want windows that won’t have to be replaced for a very long time, this is the one to choose.

See, the problems that people usually encounter with wooden sash windows is that wood tends to rot, swell or distort over time.
This is why windows will start to rattle because of heavy winds or they’ll become increasingly difficult to open.

But if you invest in high quality hardwood like oak for your sash windows, you can expect that they can last for generations because they bear well when it comes to the heat, cold, sun, and rain.

Plus, out of all the hardwoods, oak is one of the more beautiful ones. The varieties of grains range from subtle to extravagant and they come is so many shades.

There’s definitely an oak grain that will suit anyone’s specific style and anyone can definitely tell that it’s more expensive than softwoods.

We’re sure all wood aficionados will agree with us.

People have been going for oak when it comes to the make of their sash windows for hundreds of years. Why they’ve been doing this is not really surprising at all.

Yes, it’ll be a tad bit more expensive than softwood or PVC windows, but if properly maintained, you won’t be encountering any problems with it in the future.

If oak isn’t really your style, consider maple or mahogany. Both are hardwood timber and can accommodate your taste.

You can have it painted, stained or even have delicate designs carved in – whatever suits the style of your home.

What are the other benefits of choosing wooden windows over ones made of PVC?

Well, it’s a relatively well-known fact that PVC windows aren’t good for the environment. Not only that, you can only expect good use out of them for no more than 10 years. If this your home that we’re talking about, then, of course, you’d want something beautiful and long-lasting.

Plus, wood is a natural insulator. This means that, during the wintertime, wooden sash windows will be much better at regulating the temperatures indoors.

Heat won’t escape the space as much and you won’t have to break the bank by turning up your centralised heating constantly.
Bespoke sash windows made of PVC also take about 8 times as much energy as it would take to make wooden sash windows. There really isn’t an advantage to using PVC.

It would be cheap as a one-time purchase, but they’re going to have to be constantly replaced.

There’s really no competition there when it comes to energy efficiency. You can also factor in the fact that wooden window frames can be refurbished and reused. PVC, on the other hand, is very difficult to recycle.

If you get rid of broken PVC sash windows, they’ll probably just end up taking up space in your local landfill.

Okay, so how do I go about maintaining my wooden sash windows?

To maintain timber frames, you’re going to have to invest in weatherproofing. This means that you’ll have to apply a fresh coat of varnish on your windows ideally every year.

That’s not really so much of a hassle, considering that windows are an important part of any home. Windows are not something you’d want to neglect.

A lot of people are under in the impression that PVC windows won’t need any maintenance at all. That’s true in some way and here’s why.

PVC windows don’t do well against extreme temperatures, so they will get damaged under the sun or in cold weather. So yes, you won’t have to maintain them because there is no way to do this.

All you can do is replace them, which will be expensive in the long run.

Now, if you opt for a great investment like oak, maple or mahogany sash windows, you will never have to do this. All you have to do is have your windows varnished once a year and that’ll be that.

Why is Oak better than other hardwoods?

If you compare oak to other hardwoods like pine, you’ll find that it’s a much more flexible material. Oak is meticulously prepared by drying it. After that, it’s conditioned and treated.

Why is this so important? This process makes sure that the wood doesn’t twist because it delays decay. So if you buy use high quality oak for your sash windows, it’s very likely that they’ll retain their shape.

If you look around for old homes, you’ll find that Oak windows, floors and door frames hardly age at all.

People have been treating oak for hundreds of years. So it’s only natural that the technology that goes into home construction has advanced with the modern times.

Wood manufacturers have been improving upon their strengthening techniques ever since. Nowadays, if you buy oak, it’s a given that it has been treated so it’ll be protected against water and UV ray damage.

They now do a process called double glazing, which seals the wooden frames and makes them rot free for decades.

Oak also comes in a variety of colours, which is great if you aren’t going to have your bespoke sash windows painted and you have a particular shade in mind to go with your house.

Why are double glazed sash windows better than single glazed sash windows?

Aside from what we’ve mentioned above, double glazed windows have a lot more benefits than keeping your wooden frames in tip top shape for a long time.

Single glazed windows tend to keep the heat in during summer months and the cold during winter months.

Obviously, the cold will make you turn up your heating (which could rack up quite the electric bill most of the time).

This is why you’ve probably noticed that it’s harder to regulate the temperature in an older house. And that’s not all. It also lets in more noise and it’s a lot easier to break.

With double glazed panes, it’ll be a lot easier to keep noise pollution from the outside environment going into your home and it’s gives extra protection from possible break-ins.

This is perfect if you live in the busier side of town and there’s always traffic outside or you have loud neighbours.

Also, what you might not know about too much heat in your home is that it will do some damage to your furnishings – carpeting and wallpaper included.

The heat the light from the sun lifts pigment off of fabrics. That’s why you’ll probably notice that patches of your furnishings that are more exposed to the sun are more faded.

Keep in this mind when you’re having your windows made. Obviously, it would be better to go for double glazed sash windows.
Now, how exactly does this work? By double glazing glass panes, an insulating layer is created, making it better at keeping the cold out and the heat in. This layer or space between the two panes become airtight.

Naturally, this is the more expensive option, but it’s well worth it when you think about cutting down on electricity costs.
Another good thing that will come from getting double glazed windows is that they’ll keep out moisture and condensation.

That means you won’t have to worry about mould formation. Having mould in the house can put your family’s health at risk – not to mention, it’ll make rooms feel colder and stuffier.

You might not be aware of it, but maybe all it takes for you stop getting sick all the time is to keep moisture out of your living space.

Can I have my existing window panes replaced with double glazed panes?

Of course you can and you really should. This is going to be a major upgrade to any home as it will make it more energy efficient.
This is something that you should really consider because it will improve the resale value of your home. Even if you don’t intend to sell it, it’s still important to maintain your assets and improve them as time goes on.

Not only will this give your home the added charm, it also comes with a ton of benefits.

Like we mentioned before, it’s not going to take as much power to cool down or heat up rooms because having double glazed windows will go a long way towards insulation.

So your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to regulate the temperature of your living spaces. That’s going to save you a lot of money in utility bills.

What’ll pair well with double glazed panes? Oak. PVC or Aluminium window frames will look out of place if you’ve splurged on other components of your house. Oak will give it that classic look that oozes character and style.

With our services, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic when having your windows replaced. We make sure that we preserve the “look” of existing period windows.

A lot of homeowners remain on the fence about refurbishment and restoration exactly for this reason. They’re reluctant about it because they don’t want to ruin the overall vibe of the place.

We understand this problem and we take restoration very seriously. If, by any chance, your home is located in a conservation area, it would be smart to check what you can and cannot renovated.

Most of the time, local councils will allow for the panes to be replaced, but not the frames.

What is draught proofing?

Draught proofing is also sometimes called draught exclusion. You’ll hear this a lot when you’re having renovations done in an older home (because draught proofing didn’t exist in the old days so you’re going to have to do it when buying an older home).
Basically, we draught proof your windows to improve your home’s insulation. We do this by using a couple of techniques like using draught excluders, replacing single glazed panes with double glazed ones, and making sure your sash windows are properly fitted.

Do your sash windows rattle when there’s a gale outside? That’s probably because they were poorly fitted when they were first installed.

But the main reason why most homeowners go through the process of draught proofing their houses is because it takes a load off their heating systems.

If you’ve got a couple of cold spots in your home, during the winter, you’ll find yourself turning up the heat. Unfortunately, some people don’t know that the solution to this is not pumping more hot air into these spaces.

The solution is to keep the cold air out. By neglecting this problem, you could be paying electric bills that you didn’t have to pay for in the first place.

All it would have taken was to draught proof your sash windows. That’s one big expense that will end up paying for itself in savings.

Through retrofitting, we could replace your original box sash frames with double glazed wooden sash windows with draught stripping at that give your home proper thermal protection.

It wouldn’t even matter if your curtains were drawn or not.

You might be asking yourself, why is this a big deal? So what if I have to pay for extra heating? Well, if you don’t address draught problems right away, you could be making your home a conducive environment for mould formation.

Too much condensation happening in your home can put your health at risk. Mould can cause a number of chronic lung problems and it’ll make your house feel damp and smell funny.

If you’ve gone through a couple of winters trying to draught proof your sash windows yourself by taping up your windows panes or hunting for gaps within the frames, know that you don’t have to do that anymore once you get professionals to do it for you.
Sash windows are not as uncomplicated as they seem. They have a lot of hidden mechanisms can be really tedious to disassemble and repair.

You need expert hands to get the job done. If you hire us to draught proof your windows, we can check these parts that might have come loose or have gotten worn down over time and replace them with better materials.

There are many options when it comes to draught proofing. You can opt to have parts of your sash windows replaced or have the whole sash window replaced altogether.

Either way, we take extra care to make sure that the overall aesthetic of your sash windows is retained. We don’t want to change how these sash windows look. We just want to improve upon how they operate and how they can protect you against weather, noise, and other bad elements.

Can’t I just repair my sash windows myself?

You could, but that’s not really ideal (unless, of course, you’re a specialist like us). We understand that anything you need to have done to your sash windows – whether it be repair, restoration, draught proofing, etc. – will cost you more than treating it as a personal project.

But what you’ll find with DIY solutions is that they often don’t solve issues with your sash windows permanently.
Major renovations to your sash windows require years of acquired skill – not to mention tools and materials that you won’t find at your local hardware store.

We’ve been doing this for over twenty years and we a designated workshop where we do our repair and replication work.
Hiring a team of professionals to take care of your sash window repair needs would be a good investment because we’re sure that you won’t be encountering any more issues with your sash windows even in the distant future.

Besides, if you attempt to apply these slapdash solutions yourself, you could be putting yourself in danger or your sash windows in worse conditions than they were before.

Like for example, you could be draught proofing areas of your home that actually need extra ventilation or breaking the fragile aged wooden parts of your sash window.

To fix and restore wooden sash windows, you’d need years of training and experience to get the job done right. The most anyone can do is probably tape up your window, which would be very unsightly.

As one of the biggest features of any home, windows need special care and it won’t hurt to pay a little extra towards refreshing and maintaining them.

What you need to know about double glazed sash window manufacturers in London and what sets us apart from the rest of them
There isn’t a shortage of sash window manufacture and repair companies in London because of the obvious demand.

Old wooden sash windows do tend to distort over time. They just didn’t have the kind of treatment and conditioning that wood manufacturers have now.

People call on sash window repair companies to take care all of sorts of issues they might encounter like their sash windows rattling, letting in draughts, rotting, swelling, or getting stuck shut.

These problems are very easy for us to solve because of years of study and experience. We can’t say the same thing about other companies.

In all honesty, wooden sash windows do need quite a bit of maintenance compared to other styles of windows. But they make up for it for the classic aesthetic and the longevity.

It could be tempting for some to go for materials that require less maintenance like Aluminum or vinyl. But these won’t last you very long. They won’t have to be repaired, but they will have to be replaced entirely and very often.

Also, they’re not very environmentally friendly. Vinyl, for example, is very flammable and it emits toxic fumes when burned.
What sets our sash window manufacture and repair service apart is our dedication to preserve the unique beauty of timeless sash windows.

We use tried and tested old fashioned materials like sturdy wood and metals. We want to make sure that our products are where style and functionality meet.

We’re very careful not to disturb the original sash window’s design. If there are some wooden parts that need to replaced, we take the time to construct faithful replicas of these parts in our own little designated workshop.

We go the extra mile if you hire us to repair your sash windows. If you only have issues with one or two windows, we’ll check the rest to see if they’re in good working order.

Then we’ll give you an honest report of what we can do for you. It’s important that the sash window repair service that you hire remains very realistic when it comes to what they can deliver.

Through a couple of deals that we offer, you can save more money and get the most out of what you will pay us.

So if you’re in London and you’re in the need for sash window restoration, get in touch with us to set an appointment and we’ll see what our dedicated workers can do for you. Give us a call today.