Do you provide a complete decoration service?

If you would like us to decorate whilst refurbishing then we will be glad to. It makes sense, in some cases to complete the whole job in one go. In winter for example, it is at the customers discretion wether to decorate or not. Unfortunately painting lasts typically not as well when moisture content of wood is higher.

Will you effect the look of my sash windows?

All the work we do to your sash windows will only serve to improve the look. All draught proofing is hidden and rebated away from view. Only when you open a window can you find some evidence we have worked on your windows! In the case of replacement double glazed we will match your windows as best as is possible. In the case of single sash replacements they will be like for like.

All our staff are in house, we don’t outsource

We only employ a few dedicated carpenters and a helping hand. We are small because finding people that do great work, in any field is extremely difficult. All carpenters working with us at the time of writing this, have been with us for more than 5 years!

How long does it take from start to finish?

Typically installation is going to take anywhere from one day to two weeks. One day being a few overhaul and draught proofs, while two weeks being a full house of double glazing upgrades. The lead time varies from two weeks to two months depending on the requirements of new joinery and onsite work.

Can you handle sensitive projects – listed or conservation?

We very much enjoy working on conservation and listed buildings. We enjoy retaining exactly the original qualities of your beautiful windows, sensitively and carefully restoring.

What about your new windows?

Our new window service is limited. We attempt to repair wherever possible. Should you require new, we will manufacture soft or hard wood as per your request