London Sash Windows – about us, what we do, and how we do it.

London Sash Windows have a singular goal. We save as many sash windows as we can, as cost effectively as possible. Saving money on sash window repair is the most important part of our business. We offer high quality, value for money sash window services that’ll last a lifetime if decoration and maintenance is kept up. It would probably surprise you to know, or perhaps not, decoration is the key to sash windows maintaining their structural integrity.A well decorated sash window will not stick, or top free movement of the sash. Painting neatly, and ensuring a good coat on the sills and lower rails will also ensure the window cannot rot.

Most of our sash window repairs come with a five or ten year guarantee. We provide services that last, are functional, and will provide comfort in your home for many years to come. If you’d like to know more about our sash window services, please feel free to visit our sash window repair page, our draught proofing page, or our double glazing original sash page. These three products make up the core of our services. We avoid new joinery where possible, and provide you with effective use of your original joinery. Not only is this environmentally friendly but it is a great way of ensuring your home is authentic, stylish, of the correct period, and exudes charm.

Forward facing customer services

Here’s some key facts about our service that might interest you.

Transparent pricing

We have a set charge rate for each job carried out with a very small range. For example sash window draught proofing costs £200-£230 per window under 2.2m in height and 1.5m in width. Offering honest no nonsense pricing has long been a part of our family run ethos. Nothing annoys me more than being judged on a case by case scenario. The accountants out there might close this page after reading this. 

Free no obligation survey

As mentioned on the homepage a surveys only going to take 20 or 30 minutes. There’s no reason for us to hang around any longer than is required. Our pricing is very marginal already, we only have time for a thorough look around the windows, a talk through the process and best way to work with your windows. What your goals are and how we cost effectively achieve them. That’s it, I occasionally get caught by a cricketing enthusiast however :).

Payment on satisfactory completion

The first question I will ask when we are stood at the very first window will be when I am finished with a cheque in my hand, and you have a beaming smile, happy with the work done. What is it going to take to make that happen. I am interested in what you want to do with your windows. Not what I can sell you, or steer you into buying. Sure, if you tell me, you no longer wish to endure any further noise pollution, I am going to offer you all the fancy double glazing options under the sun. That’s what will be required to meet your expectation, however if you tell me, I just want to get my windows working again and fix up the rot, I am going to provide you with extremely cost effective solutions that will last.

After reading our about us page, if you feel we are on the same page and can work together, why not send me a quick email – I answer all emails personally, alternatively call us and we will get a time organised for a brief, no obligation estimate.