Sash Window Services

London Sash Windows main services include sash window repair, sash window draught proofing, sash window double glazing, and sash window painting. All our services carry a guarantee for functionality and structural integrity. Normally when our products carry a five year guarantee, you can expect the real lifespan to be a multiple of this. Sadly, in our disposable world that trick is missed but sash windows do remain one of those fantastic pieces of engineering that simply last. 

Proof of that being in a large number of Victorian London properties, still have original windows in them today, and some that don’t were replaced in the 60’s for a more fashionable(at the time considered so) Louvre style. Whilst wrecking havoc on sash windows, doors were covered up with ply and generally an attempt was made to deprive period homes of their character, how wonderful it is that we are back in a time when Victorian charm is sought after.

Our sash window repairs service will aim to upgrade and improve your original sash windows, leaving no aesthetic issues. We do not tack on nasty draught proofing, or install double glazing that notices. Below is a list of our comprehensive sash window services.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repair

We offer several key sash window repair services, most notably sash window sill repair, sash window overhaul, sash window resin repairs, and sash rail replacements

Sash window Sill Repair

When your will has perished, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should entirely replace your sash window. Far from it in fact. The best course of action is to splice out the decaying timber, or if considerable, replace the entire sill. Replacing a sill normally costs less than 10% of en tire replacement window making it an extremely effective service. If your unsure as to the condition of your will it might be worth looking at the repairs highlighted here and the result after sill replacement. You would be forgiven for not knowing this was the original sill section!

Sash Window Overhaul

When sash cords break or your windows are stuck. We can provide an overhaul service to get your windows going again. Normally when windows are overpainted you will begin to notice your windows just won’t work the same anymore. Normally the only way to get them really working well again is to remove some of that excess paint. We remove sashes from frame, machine them, and fit back allowing for a free travelling sash.

Sash Window Resin Repairs

When parts of your window are rotten it isn’t an indicator that the window requires entire replacement. It’s actually a the right time to have your sash windows repaired. If for example the sill has a little damage, then a resin repair can be extremely cost effective. Cheaper than replacing the sill in fact. Each window is assessed case by case and we will workout the cheapest way to repair your sash without affecting the quality.

Sash Rail Replacements

Lower sash rails and sills tend to get the bulk of the weather and almost certainly the first points on a sash window that will perish. A low rail replacement can cost half of sash replacement and the work can be done on site causing no delay to the overall job. Joinery has a waiting time which makes having your sash windows repaired in the region of a minimum of four weeks. Without the need for costly joinery, through sash window rail replacement we are able to offer a fast refurbishment service.

Sash Window Refurbishment

Sash windows that have been neglected for considerable time will require a full sash window refurbishment service. This will normally include removal of sashes, new sash cords, new furniture. and then redecoration. We will normally install a draught proofing system as part of this service. You can learn more about draught proofing in the segment below.

Sash Window Painting

When windows are tired we can provide a sash window painting service only. This has nothing to do with the structure of your sash window and is purely decoration. It is advisable to have your windows serviced, but if this isn’t a requirement we are more than happy to help. Normally, we use Dulux Weathershield as our staple brand. Pound for pound it’s the best on the market.

Double Glazing Original Sash Windows

Sash window double glazed units can be installed into the original frames of your sash windows. It’s advisable that we inspect on site first to ensure your sash windows can carry a standard double glazed unit. If they are structurally not quite up to the task, then the best option is to manufacture new sash windows with a double glazed pane. These will be like for like replicas of your original sash windows but with a difference of a double glazed unit. We can offset the mortice and tenon which will provide structural strength.

Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash window draught proofing consists of installing a series of brush piles into the perimeters of your sash windows. Sash window draught proofing is one of the best value for money services you can find. Normally old sash windows will lose £25 a year in heating. A draught proofing system on a sash window will actually offer you payback as well as the added bonus of having your windows maintained, new furniture installed, and then full travel ensured.

French Door Repairs

When French doors are rotten we can work with them. It doesn’t really matter how bad they are, we will be able to repair, it’s just a case of at what point is french door repair no longer cost effective. Below is a typical example of a French door that has been repaired. As you can see it is in a bad way but that certainly does not mean throw away.

If you would like to take advantage of one of our London sash window repair services then please do not hesitate to contact us, we welcome a call from you.