You can’t really consider your home a place of comfort when your windows don’t fully protect you against the harsh weather, sash window draught proofing solves that economically and quickly.

Sash windows are notorious for being draughty, especially ones from older homes. But even the newer ones are prone to wear and tear after a couple of decades or so, especially if they have not been maintained properly so almost all will benefit from a draught proofing system on their sash windows.

Are you tired of feeling the cold? When it’s blowing you’re the first to know about it because your windows are rattling madly and the curtains are swaying, then it may be time for some sash window draught proofing.

What is sash window draught proofing?

Also known as draught exclusion, sash window draught proofing is a very simple way to cut down on your energy consumption at home.

This is true for any dwelling, whether it be a flat or a house. The concept is fairly straightforward: we keep the warm air in and keep the cold air out through a series of rebated and hidden brush piles that are invisible when your sash windows are closed. It’s as simple as that.

Once your home is draught proof, your central heating system won’t have as hard of time regulating the temperature in your home and you’ll find yourself switching off the heating far more quickly, then the heat will hold quite nicely for a decent period.

Heating is expensive and we don’t want to let that out easily. So if you’re doing everything you can like making sure that all doors and windows are closed tight, but you still feel draughts, then it’s about time you call on us so we can solve your problem for you.

A draughty home can be really distressing.

Draughts come into our homes in a number of ways: through doors, windows, keyholes, hatches – anywhere where it’s not fully sealed. We can eliminate all of these, and since your windows are normally letting up to 30% of all energy escape from your home there will be a marked improvement in the temperature of your property.

We usually tolerate heat loss in areas that need natural ventilation like bathrooms and kitchens. You don’t want it to get too stuffy in there but if we’re talking about your bedroom where you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep or your living room where you’re trying to curl up with a good book, rattling windows and a constant stream of cold air just isn’t comfortable or welcomed.

If you find yourself turning up the heating more than usual because the normal, comfortable reading on your thermostat just isn’t cutting it, then it would be smart to get your sash windows checked.

It’s very likely that they need sash window draught proofing and repair. We can tell you what has to be done at a minimum to make things more comfortable upon site inspection or via emails with pictures.

Temporary solutions like hanging up thick curtains, filling spaces between window panes, or taping up your windows aren’t enough to protect you long term, after all you also want to be able to use these windows in the summer. The rattling from sash windows can be quite a bit of a nuisance and no one likes racking up a serious heating bill.

By letting us draught proof your home, we’ll also make sure that your sash windows are properly fitted, we’ll repair any necessary glazing in them and parts that might have come loose or gotten broken like the sash cord, pulleys or latches.

Draught proofing your sash windows would be the best investment you can make for your property

This is a great investment that you should really consider. Not only will this keep you comfortable during the winter months, it will reduce your heating bills significantly – not to mention, you won’t have to deal with that annoying rattling noise any longer.

Your current faulty windows could be letting out up to 30% of the heat that’s being lost in your home. Considering the cost of sash window draught proofing, it’s a very quick payback indeed, as well as improving the comfort and functionality of your windows.

If you weigh up the cost of having your sash windows repaired or replaced against the cost of your heating bills getting gradually increasing as each year passes, you’ll quickly find out that you’re paying a lot of unnecessary expenses for something that has a simple solution.

According to a recent study, if everyone in the UK were to this draught proof their homes, we could save enough energy to heat up to 400,000 homes. That’s roughly the size of a small city and is estimated at £190 million. Quite staggering the impact a few brushes installed into a sash window can have.

Don’t be one of those households that are paying too much for energy. Draught proof your home today to lessen your carbon footprint and become more energy efficient.

We can draught proof your sash windows for a very reasonable price. You can count on us to deliver good quality service because we’ve been doing this daily for over two decades now.

We’ve left a lot of happy and satisfied homeowners with our craftsmenship and we take pride in knowing that we’re doing something to make everyone safe and comfortable, one home at a time.

Draught proofing your home by yourself vs letting us do the job for you

If you pay us to draught proof your home, we guarantee that what you spent will pay for itself for years to come.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, a lot of sites will offer DIY solutions. These can be temporary solutions to the problem, but they won’t really resolve it in the long run.

Real draught proofing can be quite complicated and the average homeowner won’t have access to the tools and materials that we use to speed the process and improve accuracy.

That’s why if you choose us for your sash window work, you can rest assured that only experts will be handling your windows and they’re only going to use the best quality materials.

Like we mentioned before, we have been doing this for a very long time and we know what we’re doing down to the a tee.

The things you can do to make your home temporarily more comfortable like…

– Putting up insulated shutters or heavy curtains.
– Applying duct tape all over your windows (which is very unsightly).
– Tinkering with your sash window’s inner mechanisms.
– Mistakenly draught proofing areas of your home that need more ventilation.
– Buying and using mounted metal strips for your sash windows.
– Biting off more than you can chew with very ambitious projects like double glazing the panes yourself.
– Completely shutting and nailing down your sash windows just so they won’t rattle anymore.

Windows are an important feature of any flat or home. You should let professionals do all the measuring, assessing, repairing, and replacing, to improve your home’s condition.

You get what you pay for. It will cost extra, but you’ll be saving yourself from wasted time and effort, plus potential errors.

You can rest easy, knowing that a team that has been working with sash windows for many years are handling your draught proofing needs.

If you live in a period house and you’re restricted with what kind of renovations you can do for your home or your home fixtures are more difficult to repair, then we can definitely take care of that for you through sash window draught proofing.

We know how to preserve the aesthetics of your home

A lot of homeowners are worried about getting their sash windows refurbished or replaced because they’re afraid that their home will lose its charm and aesthetic.

You don’t have to worry about that if you choose our service. If, by some chance, your original frames and boxes are made of high quality materials (like hardwood) to begin with, then it will be easy for us to retain them.

All it needs is a bit of maintenance and not much else.

The improvements that do would be hardly be noticeable visually, but you’ll definitely feel the effects in temperature and noise reduction.

Increasing the thermal performance of your sash windows doesn’t mean that we have to change their overall look at all.

What is double glazing and why is it better than other DIY solutions?

If you read around online or go to a home improvement store, you’ll find DIY solutions for keep out draughts like window foam seals, sealants, films, and brush strips.

Like we said before, these are cheaper options, but they won’t do much for your sash windows. Most of these look ugly and are very noticeable.

A lot of people recommend applying insulating window films by yourself, but honestly, this just creates the illusion of double glazing.

It’s also pretty inconvenient, as it has to be re-stretched consistently with a heat source like a hair dryer. It breaks easily and you’re very likely to keep buying it over and over again.

Double glazing is the right way to go when it comes to draught proofing. The benefits of going for this option include:

1. They will help save you money on energy bills.

As we’ve mentioned above, double glazed draught proof sash windows do a good job at not letting the heat out and not letting the cold in. This is very useful for the winter months.

And as you probably already know, it rains in London all year long and it’s always quite chilly. Double glazed windows will keep  your home insulated for weather like this.

During the summer months, you can always just open your windows to let fresh air in. If you want, we can even add a tint to your sash windows if you don’t want it to be too bright in your home.

2. They won’t affect the architectural style of your home.

Don’t worry about making your sash windows look mismatched. We specialise in retrofitting double glazed sash windows.

3. They protect your décor and furnishings.

Did you know that the light and heat coming in through your windows affect the inside of your home? Heat tends to make pigments fade.

You’ve probably noticed that patches of your carpet that are always exposed to sunlight look a little lighter than the rest of the area.

This damages fabrics and wood, so your furniture isn’t exempt from this. By getting double glazed sash windows, you reduce the risk of interior fading.

4. They’re better at soundproofing.

Double glazing makes your panes thicker, so they’re much better at keeping out noise from the outside.

If you’re living in a flat where there’s hardly any space between yours and the next one or you live in a busy part of the city, this’ll go a long way towards reducing noise pollution.

5. They’re a lot more secure.

The double glazing also fortifies your sash windows, making them harder to break. So the harder it is to break your windows, the harder it is to break into your home.

It would take a lot for someone to forcefully open double glazed sash windows from the outside. God forbid anyone tries to do that.

Not only will double glazing make your home more comfortable, it will also improve your home’s security.

6. They will increase the overall value of your property.

While this isn’t quite as obvious a renovation such as a kitchen fitting or a new bathroom, having your sash windows installed with double glazing will up the price of your home when combined with sash window draught proofing.

If you intend to sell your flat or your home in the future, you’re more likely to get a better offer for it if your sash windows are well maintained and up to scratch.

So, as you can see, it’s fair to say that draught proofing is something that any responsible homeowner should do.

Whether you will need to have your sash windows repaired, upgraded or replaced, we can offer good deals that will get you the most value for your money.

Get in touch with us today to make your home draught proof, energy efficient, and become the comfortable space that it should be.